My Critque

The Shrek Musical Play

The Shrek play at the UCC was a great play to go and watch. I definitely recommend watching this play. Its perfect for going with the whole family. the play was performed by students at the UCC. The play was directed Mr. Dunlop. I saw the performance at the UCC theatre on April 10th 2014. I think that the props and costumes, the acting, singing, performance and the overall production was all pretty good.

The props and costumes I thought were really good, other than a few malfunctions. First off I like how the gingerbread man was made really cool and how real it looked. But you could easily see the person talking for the gingerbread man right behind the gingerbread man. The dragon also looked really cool. It looked real, but you could kinda see the people controlling the dragon under it. But the biggest malfunction of all was that right in the middle of a scene with the dragon in it, the dragons arm fell off! So one of the guys controlling the dragon had to go get it right in the middle of a scene! Lastly the best costume in the play would be Lord Faarquad because in the movie he is short but they didn’t have someone short enough to play him. So the guy who played him had to crawl on his knees and the put fake legs on upper legs. So when he crawled around on his knees, it looked like he was short but walking.

The acting, singing and performance was pretty good. I think that it could’ve been better in some areas. For example, some of the actors that said 1 or 2 lines in the whole play didn’t have mics so you could barely hear them. Also I thought some of the acting was not very good on some parts. Like i didn’t think that pinocchio played that good and other characters too. But there was some actors that I thought played great like the actor who played Lord Faarquad. He was by far the best actor in the whole play. I liked the singing but some actors that sang, just didn’t feel like they were singers. Shrek for example, I thought that he wasn’t the greatest singer i’ve heard in the play. His voice just wasn’t a singing voice. But other than him and a few others the singing was good. I also thought that donkey was funny and she was one of the best actors in the play.

Overall this was probably the best play performed by UCC i’ve seen and I would definitely recommend watching this play. I would give it a 4 and a half out of 5 star rating. Like i said, there were a few things i didn’t like but that doesn’t ruin the show! Kids will love the play because its based off a kids movie and it has some pretty funny scenes in it that would definitely make kids laugh! So make sure you go watch and you will get a good kick out of it!

Dilemmas Task 1

My team, team Canada, just lost the gold medal game in men’s ice hockey to Norway by 0.1 seconds. They scored with 0.1 seconds left in the 3rd period at a 2-2 tie game. I’m very disappointed considering this is my first Olympics and maybe last and to lose with only 0.1 seconds left in the game it is just heart breaking. I at least get to bring home a silver medal, but everybody knows that a gold is much better than a silver. Lets hope we can do better next year and hopefully I get to be on the team next year.

Challenge 6 survey

I surveyed some kids in my class and there Grandparents are from Italia. Most of there grandparents were immigrants. They passed down recipes of pasta, pizza, and spaghetti. Events that were passed down was the sport Soccer. His grandparents came back to Canada 2 generations back.

Streak Snapped

The Toronto Maple Leafs have a third period let down v.s the Hurricanes. Leafs goaltender James Reimer got injured 32 seconds into the period. His team mate Josh Leivo was going full speed and couldn’t stop so he rammed right into Reimer. He left the game but head coach Randy Carlye said that he might be able to practice with them next practice. Any ways the Leafs had a 2-0 lead at the end of the third from goals by Joffery Lupul and Josh Leivo. In the third period the Leafs fell apart. Hurricanes scored 2 goals. then with 5 minutes left in the third a Hurricanes defence man dumped the puck all the way from his end and Leafs goalie Jonathan Bernier thought that it was icing but the ref waived it off but Bernier didn’t know so the puck bounced off the boards and hit the back of Bernier’s skate and in the net. The Leafs lose that game 3-2.images (5) image source

Leafs Ready to Face the Hurricanes

The Toronto Maple Leafs are playing Carolina Hurricanes this Thursday night, ready to face off with Eric Staal, Jordan Staal, Jeff Skinner, and Cam Ward. Toronto’s James van Reimsdyuk  is not sure if he will be able to play the Hurricanes with a upper body injury. He did not play against the Minnesota Wild Tuesday night. But they still got a good team to play. Johnathon Bernier(nickname Berny Mac) will be getting the start tonight. images image source

Toronto Win a Epic Game vs Minnesota

The Toronto Maple Leafs are off to a unbelievable start to there season, including a epic win vs the Minnesota Wild. James van Reimsdyuk was injured for this game.The first goal of the game was a incredible tic-tac-toe play. the puck started at Morgan Reilly, to Phil Kessel, to Cody Franson, to Dave Bolland, Across the crease to Tyler Bozak and he scores the unbelievable play. The next goal was a Sweet pass from Morgan Reilly to JVR replacer Trevor Smith which sprung him on a break away and he scored five hole. Then Minnesota’s Jason Pomeville got his own rebound and scored. They Mason Raymond scored a nice goal. Then raymond again for the empty neter. Tyler_Bozak_2012-03-07image source